Agathokakological (adj)

agathokakological (adj): composed of both good and evil

Summer, 2009

Worda remembered the summer of 2007 well: endless days of dancing and laughter, the sun glinting off the water, sunsets spread across the sky like water paintings. She remembered days in the backyard, dressing up and taking silly pictures. She remembered watermelon and lemonade and hot dogs.
But as she read the mornings newspaper, one memory pushed it’s way to the forefront of her mind. A memory she had tried to forget…
“Another Victim Falls Prey to Flying Beast in Pentrow Wood”
Worda’s horrified guilt grew the further she read, sure this was her fault. She remembered that night not long ago on Toddy’s houseboat. They laid on the roof, staring up at the stars. When the bats began to come out for dinner they moved to go inside, but not before Worda felt it: the bite.
Toddy told her she was being ridiculous, that bats didn’t bite people, she must have nicked her finger on the door latch. Worda thought how foolish he sounded. She knew what happened and awaited the consequences as she allowed Toddy’s mother to bandage it up.
And now, two years later, she learned the fate of that long ago healed bite.
Obviously Worda turned into a bat person in her sleep. Now she needed to make a choice: would she let this fact continue to hurt others or would she be able to overcome this handicap.
That night, as she lay her head down on her down pillow, she repeated in her mind, “I will not kill people in the woods. If I must transform into a winged beast, I will use this curse for good.”
She softly fell into her dreams, painting sunsets across the sky and flying through the stars; and the next morning’s paper revealed a peaceful night was had by all in the town of Pentrow.

© Kaitlyn Mackenzie


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